Oh noez! My blog virginity, soiled!

Blogs are a funny thing, and by that I mean slightly odd and sad. The kind of person I imagine to keep a blog regularly and spill out their every complaint for the world to see has to be fairly self involved to think their lives are interesting for the rest of us. In some cases, yeah, that’s pretty true, but you’ve got to take the good with the bad, the worst, the even more worst and the (quite impressively) abysmal. Yes, I have started one and I do realise the total hypocracy of writing that in the very first line, but I am not writing a blog from my own volition. No. I am being forced by an evil overlord called Phil Beards, who you would think from his name would be amazing and cool and could make like, dinosaurs appear from his nasals… but no… Phil is one of two equally crazy teachers I have at the Arts Institute, Bournemouth, and this morning he ran through one of our modules (the boring-est one) and told us all we’ve got to do some crazy progress and planning crap. Thus, I am making this blog as part of my course, which for those of you reading who aren’t in it, is Interactive Media. For you all, I shall endeavor to keep it updated with a cynical look on my own work (and probably everyone else’s too).

So if you’re expecting any narcissistic whining please don’t bother scanning through my later entries. Yes, I’ll probably be whining and yes it probably will be slightly narcissistic but I would rather you ignore that because it’s not very good for my public image. Anyway, I’m going to go tinker with the settings of my blog spot for a bit, so I’ll leave you with that.

More to come, world, hoorah…


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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