Optimus Prime, transform into: A box!

And so we’re back, back again, James is back, tell a friend.

Today I’m writing a blog with George, Sophie and Emily (the one I go out with). I’m very tired at the moment, mostly because only half an hour ago I was running around like a headless chicken with too much energy and a… head for heights? Well, that was terrible, but as previously stated I am rather tired. I got to bed quite late last night, or this morning, due to Lawrence’s ‘Transformers’ birthday party I attended (pictures to come). Yesterday, in all, was very eventful:

About 20 minutes after writing my last blog entry, I got a text from Emily to tell me that I’d double locked the door and consequently locked her inside the flat. I’m pretty sure this was much funnier at the time and the humour of it doesn’t translate quite as much into text. Trust me however, when I tell you I was laughing for a stupid amount of time. Needless, she didn’t have to leave so no harm was done. In future, I’ll have to accidentally forget when she’s got something important to get to.

Last night was fun, too. Firstly it wasn’t, however, for the evening started with a blind rush to get some boxes together into anything that resembled a transformer… Or just not a load of boxes. Anyway, I sucessfully returned with a good sized collection and we got to work. Much kudos to Emily, for without her it wouldn’t have been Optimus Prime, but Optimus Past-it’s-Prime. Yes, I’ve made that joke a few too many times now, but it’s still better than ‘Boximus Prime’.

Took me 2 hours 45 minutes to actually get to Lawrence’s party, so I hope he’s bloody happy about it. A few hours of gawping at each others costumes went by quite quickly before I ended up walking into the paddling pool. After that, I felt like a dork and hid inside the house, taking off my costume and rolling up my trousers so that I ended up more like a hobbit than a giant robot from Cybertron.

This lot behind me keep shouting out random words along the lines of ‘dang-err’ and bursting out in laughter so I’m going to turn around now and give them all a weird stare. See you later.


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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