Our day out drinking (and a short visit to the Mac Expo).

Today was fun.

If your definition of fun is sitting around doing nothing on a bus for 3 hours, attending a pointless and boring convention for an hour, sitting around in a pub for four hours and then sitting around in a bus again for another four hours.

Turns out that Mac Expo I was looking forward to? Slightly lacking in the Mac department. Of course, there were plenty of Macs there. There were hundreds. All being used. Being used by the people who want to show off their own technology. The company Apple, however, decided they didn’t actually need to attend their own exhibition and after about 5 minutes, so did we.

There will probably be some amusing pictures going up soon, but for the moment you shall be contented with a brief rundown of what we did during our trip:
Sit around.

True story! Whether it was on the coach or at the rest stop or at the convention or at the pub we walked to or outside the convention or on the coach or at home writing this blog… Er. That’s a lot of ors. Let’s mine them! +mine Ore. The result of your mine is ‘Bad Grammar’. Yay! Let’s do more! +mine Fish.

The plus side: I bought the new Zelda for the DS and it rawks. It plays like a guitar made of pure love was put in a blender that new some awesome riffs. It plays well. It plays like someone was down a well and forced to stay down there their entire lives until they came up with a good stylus interface. Zelda plays like a strange version of Animal Crossing where the gameplay is a lot more linear and (comparing it to AC) actually there.

So I lied, basically. Today was crap. Today was pointless. Today was fucking hilarious. Today was unneeded.

Today could have been a good day, instead of a mediocre one that ended up leaving me tired and jaded.


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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