Werld Wide Web

I’ve recently, for “no apparent reason”, been looking about at all the god damn profiles I have EVERYWHERE over the internet.

I feel like I’m the only one who’s not completely paranoid about data theft or hackers or some such RIDICULOUS (in my mind) notionslashtheory that’s hardly going to pan out. I’m pretty sure if anyone can hack into Myspace or Facebook, a poor student from Hampshire isn’t going to be the one they target.

Still, I have been vetting my pages for information you can leech if you aren’t on my friends lists and so and suchforth. Or is that such and soforth? Er. Anyway, going through EVERY SINGLE PROFILE has been an effort, but because I’m totally uber and… have too much spare time… I’ve been playing about and updating them too. Just because I know you care… Because I know you want it, here is a semi-comprehensive list:

Myspace – This is probably the worst for security, mainly because I have a lot of information. Nothing that could get me in trouble, I don’t think, but you never know. In my view, if someone can use my interests, music tastes, sexual orientation, religion and Zodiac sign to steal my money… well, frankly they’ve earned it. So, what is that horribly noisy music that comes on with my profile? Reuben‘s new Christmas single: Christmas Is Awesome. It is ten times as awesome as the song suggests Christmas is. On top of that, check out my brand new contact table, background and profile picture! Background is actually a Biffy Clyro leech, but don’t tell them that.

Facebook – New pictures from the Harry Potter Party we held a while back… And I was linked to this cool Lego character creator. This is pretty damn safe, you can’t even view my details without adding me first… Unless you ARE my friend… and you know how to take my monies.

… Get away from me!

Windows Live Space – Right. Well. I actually have two of these, because I have one for my Xbox Live account too. It’s for hosting my stupid Halo 3 screen shots. Brilliant.

I could go into how Windows Live Spaces are evil and a rip off of EVERYTHING on the internet, but I actually like what they’re doing with it. Myspace has an IM, sure, but it’s not even TOUCHED by anyone on my friends list, whereas MSN Messenger… or Live Messenger, as they now are calling it, has ALL of the people I talk to, including my Xbox buddies!

That was a comprehensive list? I think I talk too much, I didn’t even have room to put my Pirate Radio Profile, Bungie.net Profile, Deviantart Profile, YouTube Profile, Newgrounds Profile, Livejournal Profile, Ebay Profile

Do you think I missed anything out? Probably… DEAR GOD I AM A SAD PERSON.

How the hell do Reuben look so cool in those knitted jumpers?
I want one now. I really do.


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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