The Incredible Sulk

Yes, the movie portrayed Bruce Banner as a somewhat moody guy, playing the old lonesome routine, which made the film seem somewhat depressing… but then again the Green Mile was also, suicidally, and that was a tremendous piece of film that touched me, and not in the weird way the tramp down the road does. It made me cry, the Incredible Hulk didn’t, but it did make me feel like beating my hands against my chest and wearing a police car as boxing gloves.

An amiable take on the Incredible Hulk, and apparently a far more watchable attempt then Ang Lee’s version that lacked, frankly, any sense of pace for a Hollywood blockbuster. Still, that does not mean it was a perfect film. Inevitable comparisons to the awesome sauce that was Iron Man are going to arise in the vociferous circle of critics that seem to prowl the Internet making sure nobody can be too happy about any sort of hype anymore.

I was surprised, actually, when I found myself thinking ‘this dialogue is just not as good as the better movie’ because I did tell myself not to do it. It’s like comparing french cheese to God.

So, a smatteringly quick catch up finds us with a fresh history for Bruce Banner, and he’s been on the run for a few years being all bearded and Edward Nortony, which is quite a nice way to jump into the story (and we can thank the other Hulk movie for leaving us with a clearer introduction so that we don’t have to go through anything more of the tedious and outdated social commentary on the Cold War). This feels a lot more like the Incredible Hulk already, because we’re familiar with this… You might have seen the old series, or even the cartoon, Bruce Banner is going it alone with that all too saddening music in the background.

Yeah, that was even in the movie, which made me giggle.

It’s obvious that Marvel have stuck their foot in with the story, because it proves itself to be an action movie straight off but doesn’t let that get in the way of the soppy parts. I read somewhere that a lot of the screenplay was done by Edward Norton himself, and I hope that the parts I didn’t like weren’t him, because he’s cool and he was in Fight Club which means he must be a genius or something…

Wait, that logic suggest Brad Pitt is a genius. No.

Another criticism I might have of the movie is the overdone contrast between good characters and evil. I liked that they had the balls to make Hulk a bit more destructive in this, but I don’t like how the moment he’s stopped doing generic action points, he’s a bundle of love for Betty, and what I dislike above this is the lack of compassion either of the main antagonists seemed to convey or attract. They are too unamiable to be realistic villains, which ultimately makes them one dimensional characters and draws away from any sense of conflict and threat.

So there were a few part of the movie that bored me, but they were not obtuse and I would definatley enjoy watching that movie again.


Oh, and for the record the tramp down the road made me cry, too…

– Teh Beard


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Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

4 responses to “The Incredible Sulk

  1. this new Incredible Hulk is a lot more fun than the first one with Eric Bana; Ed Norton does his usual specialty — the “split personality” role…

  2. Yeah, Fight Club would have been awesome if Brad Pitt was massive and green.

  3. Dude, I love your writing style! Found your site from a comment you posted at

    Haven’t seen this one yet probably because 1) like everyone, I remembered that the first one was really, really, excessively bad (though I understand that this one MUST be head & shoulders better or else The Powers That Be wouldn’t allow it to be made… ah… would they?), and 2) the CGI in the trailers made all the organic stuff (like the Hulk, a rather important element in the movie) look like rubber. I felt like I would be panning the film from start to finish.

    Since you didn’t mention any rubbery-looking effects, my assumption is that they were very good. Otherwise they’d have been a distraction. Is that assumption correct?

    About to dig into your post about Iron Man (which I thought was phenomenal).

  4. They weren’t too distracting. There are some awesome scenes where they don’t show the hulk properly at all.

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