A fresh start…

There seems to be some kind of weird misconception between some of the people I know that it’s perfectly fine to be relentlessly rude to someone as long as you don’t have a very high opinion of them. Granted, that these people take this approach is not news to me, they always have been – and hopefully for them – will not always be complete cock nudgers. We can but hope.

Still, it’s a little sad to see that not everyone I used to hang out with has grown up… at all. Of course, it’s probably not helped by the fact that my opinion of certain other people has been raised quite a lot by talking to them for a short while. My main example being Dave, of whom I used to share a passionate sense of mutual hostility. I’ve been told it was due to many different things, because quite often I would query just what Dave took particular offense to when we first met. I have always presumed it was a case of company opinion proliferation, or in words that probably make more sense when I string them together: Peer pressure.

Dave joined with a group of older Toynbee students who, chances are, all told him exactly what they thought of me (but have never made clear to me) and this affected how he approached me. Of course, I am quite a loud character, and it has never been easy for me to make the impression I wanted to, so he might be forgiven for taking me for an idiot immediately. I suppose the thing that makes a difference now is that Dave is a lot friendlier and I actually consider him a friend, even if he took his sweet time coming around to this stage.

I have a theory about that, actually.

This funny thing happened at the end of Toynbee, all the people who I clearly remember torturing my childhood self esteem suddenly decided that all those years of bullying and taunting had concluded into what now became a close relationship! Yes, everyone was suddenly my best friend and I was told how much I would be missed. Now, I don’t believe for a moment that any of these people actually meant what they said, in fact the cynic in me would say they were probably sad that they couldn’t badger me anymore, but I try to reserve the cynic for movie reviews.

What’s somewhat worse, and something I did not realize as immediately, is that a parallel thing happened with all the people who had always been polite and friendly with me. Suddenly, all these people I had a level of respect for were being rude to me in College. I was, of course, completely blown away by this. What has happened to these people? What has college turned these people into? These were questions I asked whilst posing dramatically… Which was probably not helping their opinions of me, either. I have often mused over this with people like Joe and Nathan, and while I’ve been writing up this blog I realized something new: It happened in Primary School too.

It seems like at the end of a massive juncture like that, everyone takes the opportunity to adapt themselves and take a fresh start… Of course, I don’t think suddenly deciding that it’s alright to be a condescending, arrogant prick is a particularly good fresh start, but who am I to say what people should do? Some people juggle geese.

– teh Beard.


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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