The knight is darkest before dawn.

Come hither, child… let me tell you of something… something Dark… Dark and Knighty… It is… The Dark Knight. It is… awesome.

I have just come home from the pre-showing at the Odeon. I was one of the lucky few who got to pay twice as much to see the show a few days before anyone else. No, I am not jaded, for I was given a tricksy poster that changes when you walk past it, which is awesome and makes me feel like I have a magic mirror in my room. Not only that, but I would happily pay that money again to encapsulate that feeling of pure exitement.

I entered the cinema and was given this awesome magic poster. I was exited, and my anticipation built slowly as I waited through the 30 minutes of adverts. 30 whole minutes! 15 of which were just that annoying Radio One advert, that really is fucking annoying, I was almost going to shout out at Judge Jules but then… Then! The film began.

Folding out perfectly, we begin with what might be considered an introductory scene. An awesome opening, folding out into the first ‘act’ of the movie. Oh yes, this movie has ‘acts’. Now you may want to consider taking a piss before you see the Dark Knight. It is a brilliantly long film, and the need to pee can be somewhat annoying when you’re rooted firmly to your seat. The consideration to piss yourself arises, because that’s how awesome this movie is. I would piss myself for this movie.

Christopher Nolan has made the most mature Superhero movie ever made. We saw Iron Man. We loved it, it was smart, it was a brilliant movie, but it is nothing like the world that Nolan builds for his Batman to roam in. We see a much more sinister setting, perhaps due to the gangster run Gotham we’re brought back into since Batman Begins. Bruce Wayne is smart, but he’s not faultless, he’s been grounded again. You thought Ras Al Ghul was a dangerous opponent? You have yet to meet the new, and very much improved Joker.

Heath, you certainly went out with a perfect game. The Joker is scary. We have now lost entirely the camp, evil uncle that we’ve become accustomed to with our previous incarnations. The influences from the darker graphic novels is defined perfectly, in fact our on screen Joker even bests the better portrayals on paper.

I feel lucky, lucky that this movie was amazing… Lucky that we have been blessed with two brilliant superhero flicks in the same year. Rejoice, my brethren, for this movie will overload your brains with Uber.

Uber rating: 10/10

It’s the best thing since Sliced Beard.


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Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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