Summer shambles!

As George so rightly said to me, “its been a month almmst” since my last blog entry and that is just shameful. I have been busy, of late, though not really so busy that I can excuse the fact that I haven’t updated here, or placed notice of hiatus… or done anything more then accidentally clicked on my wordpress bookmark when I was actually aiming for Hotmail!

I’m not quite sure if it’s a case of having had nothing to say or a case of having had too much to say. I certainly have done a lot over the course of this summer, and trying to think about everything I’ve been up to just inspires a headache. Still, it’s a good subject to talk about and I’ll try my best to get everything in.

It was a good start to the summer, and an interesting thing happened where, in the first two weeks I was back there was something happening almost every night. People we’re inviting me out places like crazy, I didn’t know where I was going and it was somewhat scattered. I saw almost everyone I imagined I’d see over the course of the summer, and more. All this manic partying? It just stopped, dropped off entirely. I can only presume this is because everyone realised how much it was costing, and decided they might be better off spending their time trying to get a job. Confusing but amusing times.

Beef party.

I went away to the Isle of Wight at some point in the middle, too, for almost a whole week with my Dad and wonderful siblings. They were tenacious, as always, and managed to get me back into Animal Crossing while I was down there. We went out shopping in the game, and then went out shopping in real life. We went out fishing in the game… and then went out fishing in real life. We went to lost and property and took out every item they had in the game… And then we decided it was probably best not to do so in real life.

Wouldn’t want Isle of Wight lost property anyway, I don’t need any baseball caps… or extra toes. You know, a surprising amount of people were brave enough to wear sandals on the beach, really!

Tom Nook bought my virginity.

And so, what else have I been doing? In the last few weeks, I have been working almost endlessly trying to sort through and build as many Lego kits as I possibly can. I have been meaning to do this for so long, and I was hoping I could just… leave it for a little longer.

Having my mum move out (a whole blog post in itself) forced me to take all my crap out of the attic, though, and now it’s spewn out in the dining room and the conservatory of my nan’s. A lot of kits have been made… A lot of kits I did not even know I had! Seriously, the amount of shit I’ve discovered in the hoard is just insane. I don’t want to get rid of it, really, but a big part of me is currently shouting, “GET IT OUT OF YOUR LIFE SO YOU NEVER HAVE TO SEE IT AGAIN.”

I feel so conflicted. I just want to cry in a room and cut myself with the sharp edge of a lego brick.

Oh yeah. My mum up and left. Just like that.

I can’t be bothered to bullet point my entire summer, so I’m going to jump out to yesterday. 88 miles an hour and zipping forward in time like it was a warm baguette being shot out of a cannon.

This is fucking madness. No, really this is. Last night, Greg asked me out to the Sunday pub gathering that usually goes on. On a Sunday. So I figured, yeah, why not? Sounds like fun! Seeing everyone before I go back! That’s a good idea!

Nobody was at the pub! “Once again…” I said in annoyance to Greg, “…you have gone without checking with anyone else.” Once again, what a fool that boy. Still, we ended up going to the Cleaveland Bay and having a drink with his dad.

And here comes the annoying bit…

There’s another pub girl! Here I am, frustrated and tired that we went out for no reason and, what ho! This girl walks out behind the bar and kills my retinas. This very fact is not exactly special, because there are often pretty girls working in pubs, but this one is special! She even smiled. SHE EVEN SMILED PEOPLE! And so now, going back to Bournemouth in a week and a bit, I have even more reason to be annoyed that they changed the pub to the Cricketer’s Arms. I could have enjoyed many more conversations with her (in my head) whilst sitting with people I’m never quite sure like me. I could have married her in my dreams.

I had her serve me a cider, whilst marrying her in my head.

Now presuming the world does not end on Wednesday I shall be heading back to Bournemouth very soon. I really can’t wait, I’ve enjoyed my time in Bournemouth so much more, I don’t know what it is.

I think I feel like a better person when I am down there. It sounds strange, but coming back to Eastleigh has left me lethargic and spoiled again and I just don’t like feeling like this. I think what really changes out there is the mixture of independance and growing out of who I am. This whole debachle with Emily (if you can call it that) affected me more then I understand. It’s left me in a weird position, and I think that position is stronger when I’m not poliferated by old memories.

Poke me and I bleed all over the floor.

So I’m thinking having highlighted phrases and words in between some of my paragraphs is pretty funny. I keep noticing them on articles in the news and magazines. Most of the highlighted text is complete trite, too, arbitrarily chosen quotes or phrases that add nothing to the piece apart from disjoint the flow of the article.

Ah well.

That’s it.

– teh Beard


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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