It’s a good word…

I’ve started doing this odd thing where I write up a blog and begin to think of certain words I want to use in my dialogue before I’ve figured out the context they’re to be put in. Right now, my choice verb is fanaticism and I’m pretty determined to use it at some point in this blog. I don’t know where, but I will!

Today, or yesterday if you’re petty enough to care, has been one of those long days where you get up early and go to ‘proper work’ for the first time in your previously unchallengeable student life, and if that wasn’t enough you end up doing a hell of a lot after you’ve clocked out of there too.

I got paid today, to go into Wessex Regional Care and get trained.

To get trained.

This is part of the career based world I appear to have missed. Hold on, what now? You’re paying me to better myself? You’re paying me to be here, so that you can take me on board and… pay me even more! This is the perfect arrangement. I watched an hour long DVD about washing your hands today. I guess that’s the exception to the rule, where I’m learning about various different ways to scrub your hands… something I’ve been doing with some competency for some time. Some time between now and when I first decided that all the other males in the world were actually vile. It’s been a long road, one that faintly smelt of vomit and urine, but at least I’ve accepted public toilets as a painful nuisance I should percevier with, instead of avoiding entirely.

Hey, I don’t pee my pants as much as I used to.

So, training to become a support worker for the mentally disabled took up most of my day and by the end of it I was pretty tired, this not helped by the fact that the train I WAS going to take home was canceled (because of mffmrrfmmrmf apparently). I got pretty soaked waiting for an hour and a half in Millbrook, but at least I made friends with some 18 year old ex-crackhead who was having to work three jobs to afford to keep his Nan in a home.


On top of that, the train in the morning was also 30 minutes late and the train I took to get back to Bournemouth was another 10 minutes late.

I’m looking forward to the job, though, even if the training is fairly draining. Non sequitur remark: Sophie just made me realize how amazing George is, and how I miss him (and how I miss his show, too). Must remember to tune in to Greg on Wednesday, who was a complete dick-pot in his last show, but genuinely amusing when he begins to ramble about absolutely nothing.

It was my brother’s birthday today, too. Charlie is 12, and because he was born into a curry pot we went down to the Moghul in Beastleigh. Oddly enough, his uncle is one of my new bosses (well, not that odd, considering Dad is too), and he came out with us. It was quite a nice meal, Harry didn’t talk to me! I had a Biriani (and half of everyone elses meals).

Note: Sambuka is as vile as I imagined, but it comes in a shot glass full of FIRE and that’s just cool.

You know what’s annoying? I’m buzzing! That is what! My intentions when I first sat down at this computer were to calm down and attempt to ready myself for sleep, but I appear to have etch-a-sketched into a state of vivid awareness. I can feel my eyes protesting at prolonged use, but they’ve got to put up with it for at least an hour or two more before I either crawl into bed or pass out on my keyboard.


That was my face on the keyboard. Looking at it in retrospect, I’m rather disappointed with how little I managed to type out with a good smush. I expected a bit more of a trawl then that, instead of length I just got a slightly short qwertification of the center letters. I mean… that’s almost pronounceable, if you’re yiddish.

Ah well, I’m going to head off and watch ‘Street Fighter: The Later Years’ on YouTube with my usual nerdy fanaticism for the dreaded SNES (even though I never owned one).

Told you I’d use it.

– teh Beard


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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