Oh crap I never posted this! Oh well, you live and learn, and you guys get another post!

I’ve been getting some interesting comments lately, of which the most part are all spam. A bunch of links followed by some disjointed collection of strange words that seem to be made up. Seem, but are close enough to fluidity that makes some of them quite believable. There is some prime content here, and it seems as though spambots are better at making up words then I, a veteran of the English language, am. Here are some of my favorite examples; clouterly, plastron, pseudobulb and lamiaceous. Lamiaceous? What the hell is that? Does anyone know, or can I make up meanings to these spam words? Lamiaceous, adjective, the feeling of a drunken mans stubble as he rubs your bare foot against his face.

spam man

Going both back and FORWARD to the article I posted below this one, but wrote three weeks after this one, Facebook has some strange oddities. I tend to search through my old friends and, just on occasion, I will see them talking one of my older friends. Out goes an add, naturally, and another point is added to that curious friend number I’ve expanded to about 350. Hah. Still more then you and your clouterly 270, Chris Pegg!

It gets a bit odd when I find someone I didn’t really get on with in the past but find myself adding them anyway. It’s even weirder when I start talking to them and realise I quite like them now, and that either they, or maybe I, have changed a lot since I made up my mind about them.


I’ve come to the conclusion that to really set about enjoying life you have to hate it a little to begin with. It’s much easier to become complacent if you’re cynical enough to know how shit the world is. If your expectations are dropped enough, then as the saying goes, you’re never let down – just pleasantly surprised. So I have managed to shroud myself with a certain level of misery whilst also managing to dual core a surprising amount of contentedness. I’m a happy enough person, if only because I am so bloody moody all the time.

That’s fucking conceptual.

Of course, it’s complete bollocks too… Still, I am always happy and that is exactly why I get so upset… and so angry! And… and aggressive, when people think they have the insight to call me moody. I hate them so much.

I’m actually so simple, I’ve looped into complicated. You see everyone else really IS quite complicated, and when they chance upon the simple and logical workings of my brain their overdeveloped catalogue of hypocriticisms and social conditionings they overheat and make assumptions.

Wait, maybe it’s not even that, people are always going to be far too used to themselves to ever understand anyone else… Is it truly to be my understanding that only three people could possibly understand the individual?

Yes, it could be said. They are you, your soul mate and God. Now I know one of the others doesn’t exist and I’m undecided about God.


I am sorry readers, or reader, but blogging has become a bottom priority. I’ll be about, that’s for sure, but who knows what the future holds for us now…

lol yaff


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Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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