Stuff off!

I am writing a very late article today, because I have only just come upstairs from a good evening’s host of a Christmas Meal.

That’s right, we had a bit of a get together at 19 Green Road. Invited to this dinner party were captain actionscript himself, Mr. Adam Jaggard, and also a Mr. Mike Simpson and Mrs. Stuart Livesy, and they all performed their roles as guests admirably. From the home team we had Chris, Su and me, myself. Oddly, THE OTHER HOUSEMATE wasn’t involved (because he’s ill) but in fairness I think Jaggard did a more then impressive replacement for the man himself, and even cut the chicken! How dashing.

I think having been watching ‘Come Dine With Me’ a lot this year really has put major impressions in my head, and I was willed this Christmas to try and pull off some super culinary skills that I could be proud of. And so, for the last month or so I’ve been pushing my housemates (or Chris, who put up the most resistance) to have a nice Christmas meal with some guests. On the basis that I would cook, along with Su, an alternative (but still pretty traditional) roast dinner for everyone. We ended up losing Mat… well, that was quite a while ago, eh Mat?

It’s been a bit odd without you, but we’ve all adapted and developed into better people for it so be careful if you come back just in case we revert. Yeah, and your room is a great airing cupboard. Jokes aside, we do miss our forth and cannot wait for you to come back here so we can moan about you again.

Pudding Balls

Anyway, I’ve been researching recipies and trying stuff out for a good while now, though I did leave the testing for the stuffing balls a little late, having done them the night before the meal itself. Still, they came out pretty good, and over to the left are some glory shots of the test subjects…

So all in all I’ve had a good night tonight, and there will be more pictures of the final foods themselves going up soon, along with the recipies I used.

Anyway, that’s the Uberbeard done chatting for tonight, I shall return soon for more Christmas guffery.

…to all a good night!


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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