So I’ve been finding more and more music, and it seems my iTunes has grown exponentially in the last two months. I’m now on 400+ albums and enough music to play me to death. Still, at least I can’t complain about running out of fresh stuff to listen to, it’s just a problem being technologically OCD when it comes down to ordering my files. I’m currently going through UNKLE and Placebo to make sure they’re all ranked properly.

Heading off to Tenerife with my Dad and that side of the family next week for a short little break. It should be nice, though it’s still a bit of a club island, just taking some time away from England. The only problem I could possibly have with this free and muchly undeserved holiday is that I’ve been to Tenerife. In fact, we all went to exactly the same hotel a few years ago, and it’s beyond me why the repetition could be considered a draw.

Sure, it was nice, but it makes me wonder if Dad chose to go again out of convenience, or just lack of interest in the rest of the island, let alone the world. Perhaps it’s an age thing. Or a me thing.

I’m pretty bothered at how bothered I am that it’s been a year of the good old batchelor life. I don’t really believe that if I push for a relationship I’d get the one I needed, but in my current state of affairs I don’t exactly get out much. I can’t help but feel a bit hopeless, really, I think the short break to Tenerife might help.

It is pretty bad in this house, though, what with Mat missing. The balance of 2 to 2 in housemates has been offset and I quite often feel like a third wheel. Still, Jaggard has been coming around a lot, along with others, which is a nice relief from the same old faces, and as long as I keep myself in University a lot I can starve it off (friend hunger?). Lawrence keeps saying he wants to come round, but he’s mad off his head with Chalowe and I can’t really blame him.

It’s snowing today. I went into university with Chris and Su early in the morning. We were the only ones there for about 20 minutes, just waiting around for Pete and Dovey to make an appearance like the sexy Boscome divas they are. It was only partially raining when we left the house, but by this time it was full on snowing outside. As a few more stragglers came to the lesson, we got on with talking to our teacher Bob Cotton before Liam burst in and told us we had to leave the Arts Institute because it was closing. Outside was like a full-on blizzard, and the busses in Bournemouth had to be stopped. I’m not sure about all of the public ones, but the Yellow buses and the Uni ones were shut down for a good while.

The snow has eased off now, but I’m not sure if it will be coming back any time soon. I’m in two minds if I want it to, it’s going to be a trek to get into work tomorrow. For some reason my boss got the impression that coming in at 12 would be a good idea for me so that I could get more work in. 12 being 2 hours before the usual shift starts. While extremely kind of her to do so, due to the lack of need to put me in for those hours, she’s actually made my life a lot more difficult.

Still, if the busses aren’t running tomorrow I think Dad is prepared to make the trek down here and pick me up to take me. The man is crazy, but it invalidates any excuse to not go in, and subsequently not get the extra money. Woah, is it nice to have that extra money (it all gets wasted on Cravendale).

Anyway the snow fights were nice, Chris was trying to live out a childhood dream, I think. It’s a shame not many people were around in the morning. It was the perfect atmosphere for an epic snow-war spanning the entire University, and there are pictures on Facebook to back me up. Still, we amused the local primary school by having a little spar outside their classes. Vicious chants of ‘fight, fight, fight’ could be heard throughout Winton as they gathered at the window. Shouts of glee as I struck Pegg down with a perfect long-range hummer. My prose is glorified, perhaps, but it was an awesome shot and in those kids eyes, I’m pretty sure I was a god.

I’m pretty sure we annoyed more teachers then our own today.



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Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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