Publicity and Resident Evil

I think I grotesquely overestimated the amount of new and interesting games I play.

Regardless, in a deranged attempt to keep up with the times I’m going to review the 20 minutes of demo that was made available to everyone, ever, negating any real need for this review…

It was alright I guess.

Yeah, you heard it here folks! Resident Evil 5: Alright. In seriousness, though, of what I have seen so far? The set pieces are developed enough to stay interesting, though the pacing has been jacked up, even from number 4, so it doesn’t feel anything like a Resident Evil game anymore (minus the standard ‘resident evil’ font that crops up in every damn game and draws the menu back in a poorly executed attempt of nostalgia). I didn’t feel tense once, and thanks to my house mate’s infectious lack of enthusiasm for anything Resident Evil I actually felt a bit disillusioned. Still, I got him back while he was playing Halo Wars by making the game repeat the phrase “All units!” until the characters on screen couldn’t keep a straight face.

Personal inflection of a racist fueled genocide adds another depth to the game.

Personal inflection of a racist fueled genocide adds another depth to the game.

The usual Capcom standards apply to the visuals, yes the graphics are wonderful and draw you in to the African setting. My biggest problem with the game, though, is the menu, which is a little cumbersome and gets in the way when you’re trying to not die. I have to ask, guys, what.. what was wrong with a pause function?

The inclusion of a co-op mode could be an inspired move, though it’s not nearly as well executed as the team-play involved in Valve’s Left4Dead, and as we know – there is no I in team but there is an I in AI, if that even makes sense. No, no I think I just butchered that and I’m going to stop.



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