Do not believe yourself when you watch this movie and think it is awesome, it has a lot going for it and Zack Snyder deserves a round or two for pulling off what most film makers could not have, but he has certainly not, in my mind, transformed Watchmen appropriately into film. Aside from differences in the original storytelling that do not translate well into film, a forgivable exersize, perhaps, Watchmen makes enough mistakes on it’s own back to start putting it highly on my list.

The script was written well enough, presumably because they took their lines directly from the book, and most of the main cast were watchable (specifically Rorschach and the Comedian) with the exception of ozzy, who is garishly young and yet not nearly as cocky as he should be. The sound design is clumsy, too, keeping a very specific ‘Hallelulah’ so awkwardly placed it offset the mood of the entire scene following it. The cinematography is amazing but at times Snyder focuses a bit too much on trying to make the film look awesome and completely forgets that Watchmen was about the story, it is upsetting to see trivial changes that just offset the meanings behind the plot. Still, it is these excessive additions that have left me thinking that Watchmen could have been a much better film. The clever sublty (something we know Snyder knows nothing of) of the original story is lost in translation (along with other things). New things have been added to make the film reach a wider audience, the ultraviolent action sequences and grotesquely pointless love scenes were never as relevant or exaggerated as they are in the film version. I find it pretty insulting, as a viewer, to suggest that these additions improve the film experience, I imagine (if anything) they cut down on the audience able to see it, and they draw the focus of the entire meaning (and the fact that these are meant to be normal people in costume, that was a crucible part of the graphic novel).

For all it’s glory, I can still only give it a 6/10.
Read the graphic novel!


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Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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