Change is one of those things that people both embrace and despise with the flippant disregard for their own hypocrisy seemingly common in everyone who isn’t always as stubborn an arse as I am.

Our view on change in general is as fluid as (insert standard fecal joke here) and people can’t quite reason if change really is a good thing or not, so (ironically) quite often they change their minds about it. Obviously, I am generalizing like a priest and there is a level of context involved in our opinions that leaves us with at least some semblance of logical thought, but in the grand scheme of things I’m not really sure people are fans of change, progressive or not.

You see, I was under the assumption for a long while that progression is something to be desired by everyone, specifically the bettering of oneself (within reasonable standards (unless you want to find enlightenment)) and the expansion of your knowledge base. This isn’t strictly true, I have found in some walks of life, because people tend to convince themselves of anything to make themselves happy, they manage to convince themselves that not doing something is the better path to take (because it’s easier). An inverse sense of pomposity has beguiled the majority of England, possibly as a result of public schooling, where the pursuit of knowledge is a rare impulse that’s quite often viewed as snobby and superioristic (a word I totally just made up). For example, learning at least a basic codex of French before traveling across to their country seems like a momentous task made irrelevant by the knowledge that, hey, everyone should have learned English by now! Instead, demanding English tourists shout (simple) English phrases at bewildered Europeans and we wonder why they begin to despise our simple, demanding English culture.

The French

Culturally insecure, yes, but with such overbearing and bulchy cultures like ours? No wonder.

These thoughts occasionally reach me from my subconscious when I’m dozy, or trying to concentrate on something else that is decidedly boring. My mind wanders, but the main reason I’ve thought about it again was Facebook, and yes, the wonderful changes that have been made (again). There’s practically been an outcry and I’ve been flooded with depressing status updates telling me how much so-and-so despises change, in which context we can presume as the Facebook layout… and they’ve copied Twitter, which has been presented as a bad thing but as far as I can tell the new status feed seems to have simplified things a tad, making the user journey easier (practically spoonfeeding) but with less of the advanced search features that were available before. The only problem I have now is that I feel slightly patronized by the system, but I’ve not seen anybody complain about that.

Personally, I’m not scared of changes at all (my view being that they happen, regardless of how I feel about them), in fact at the beginning of last year I was on a personal crusade to prove to myself (and others) that internal change is possible, and that people aren’t stuck steadfast in whatever pattern they find themselves in. Of course, there’s plenty of evidence that people change, over the years or after a dramatic incident, but the argument seemed to be that people can’t really change themselves, and the kind of person they are.

I didn’t really prove anything in the end, other then in the face of disbelief I become more motivated even then when I want something.

Two years ago I did not want to be healthy. I didn’t even care, in all fairness, it was one of those meaningless life choices that I wasn’t really prepared to make. I didn’t even think about it, I just guzzled whatever was easiest to make. Two years ago, I was a simple machine, and food was fuel. Now? Well, I feel a lot more complex, and I’d like to think I wasn’t burning up the wrong stuff to power me. I’m a fucking vegitarian (who eats meat) and I’ve been trying to cut out my liquid diet of pure milk.

pure milk

To no avail.
Water just isn’t as tasty, damnit, I’m addicted to nipple juice!

Then again, perhaps I haven’t changed. Perhaps not fundamentally, even if I feel so differently about my life and my approach to it. I care about more things, not different things.

Stuff I have done:
I know more about Sci-Fi.

I’ve almost doubled the amount of films I’ve seen.

I’ve finally watched the new Doctor Who series.

But when I look in the mirror I see a different face.


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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