R.I.P Interactive Media

It’s been a while people (Greg) and I’ve left my blog to rot like the moldy sweet potato in the back of my cupboard. No longer is it recognizable as part of a food group without first peeling back the layer of old crust to figure out if I still log on and check it’s comments, but aha! I can still cross confuse analogies like a man on fire, so I guess all hope is not lost.

I’m writing in the middle of putting my foot down, which as you can imagine is quite a challenge, but not as bad as rubbing one’s stomach and patting one’s head at the same time. I’m getting on with some work! No more slacking, “c’mon James, get to it!” Uh. Guess that’s not working out, actually, because here I am, procrastinating and writing a blog article instead of following through with the plan.

It’s cold in my house, and I’m feeling pretty demotivated, it’s hard to type as well so I shan’t be throwing out one of those essays like I oft could do before. I have had a lot to write about recently, going back to uni, getting a piercing, what I did in my summer, meeting up with people I haven’t seen in a while, there are some staple blog articles I could have pulled out but instead I’ve chosen to dabble into the rather repetitive “sorry it’s been so long'” post before moving onto the inspiration for my writing.

Interactive Media! Or it’s death, not as a whole, but as the course I am on. No longer is it unique in it’s alienation from what seems to be a well structured education system, they decided to try and improve the course by changing it into something more recognizable, and utterly bland. No offense to those who are on Digital Media courses, you guys pretty much do the exact same work as we do, but merely labeling ourselves as something different made us stand out! I’d much rather have a degree in Interactive Media then the latter, it’s more interesting, and the approach was different, that may not even have changed but now some people will never know! Luckily, I still managed to pick up an FdA in Interactive Media, but it’s not got a mark! One of those other ways we were different last year was that it was just pass or fail. Not remotely what I wanted, sure, but it was different, and that is totally art school. Fuck yeah.

So Interactive Media is dead and along with that is the older course aims. I was part of the end of a generation and for once it seems to have favored on my side, instead of all those time I came out of school or college watching them improve everything as soon as I left. I don’t feel so bitter, although I’d love to get my full degree in Interactive Media.

Anything to feel a bit special.

Oh right, they changed the name of the University I’m studying at too, which also sucks… But that is a story for another time! (perhaps tomorrow?)


About James

Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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