Claudius and the Crow

My good friend Leonie has started up a new night, being held at the Soul Cellar in Southampton on the 2nd of February, curiously called Claudius and the Crow. Cor! Hehe.

Anyway, she previously ran We Wank Want Your Dog, and both are variety evenings for amateur performers and people who want to watch said amateur performers whilst probably also drinking, to make said amateur performers performances seem even more awesome than they are. I’m making no allusions to the awesomeness of the amateur performers performance skills, of course, merely suggesting that, being amateurs, the performances they make might be considered amateur. It is also possibly that the amateur performers themselves will be drinking too, but that’s likely to cool their nerves, because they’re amateur.

That being said, and to clear up the point I am casually rambling towards, I have previously performed with Leonie at We Wank Want Your Dog as an amateur. It’s actually called We Want Your Dog, but by amusing cumulative error, or by method of Le téléphone arabe, was printed as We Wank You Dog in the program listings, and I’ve endeavored to keep that fresh since.

Forceded by Bloxam was a relative success.

I may very well be performing at Claudius and the Crow, as I have been enlisted by Leonie to cop up some back up comedy performance to assure that there is at least some comedy (they’ve put that on the advertisements now, so they’ve got to provide). This is prompted by the uneasy confirmation of a stand up comedian, who has never actually done stand up, and might still not do stand up. I think I’ve been drafted to make sure that, if he’s not standing up to the task, at least someone is, and possibly a double backup just in case he’s not funny. Of course, my condition is that I need not perform if he’s endeavoring to sit down the entire night. It’s a likely course of events, with amateur performers.

On top of that, my awesomeness, or perhaps I should say uberness (to keep to the theme), extended out to ticket design, and may further extend to website design. Obviously, I’m brilliant at extending, that’s a shout out to all the ladies. Unfortunately, I cannot post the ticket design on the interwebs because, frankly, you could print them out and as horribly cheap and unlikely that is I don’t trust you as far as I could throw you, and to me all you are is a packet of data requesting data from my data hive. I don’t think I could throw a packet of data, unless it was Walkers.

Until the event is over, and I can share with you the lovely effort I made on the tickets, what I can upload the newly designed logo I worked on this morning, which is subject to redesign alongside the branding of her website. Here you go:

Thanks for reading, uberviewers.


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Uberbeard, otherwise known as James Crawford has just graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth, taking a course in Interactive Media. He's known to enjoy washing, eating and sleeping.

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