Positive Reinforcement

Well, this is a surprise to me I must say, but I think I have found the least caustic gaming related forum ever created. Also, I may need to be institutionalized. Those two statements may be mutually exclusive.

That special place is the Eurogamer.net forum. Seriously.


Yes. That’s right, you see, Eurogamer.net is a website about games. It’s also based in Europe. Those two facts are easily gleaned from the name. This is a sentence. Shall I go on?

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When Another Blog Dies

As you may understand, from the title of this post, my other blog Joystick Jockeys is now being closed completely. I have transferred most of the articles from it, some of which you may be interested in finding and others… perhaps not.

To aid anyone in their searching I have categorized them into both Ubereviews, an existing thing, and Gaming, which is a totally new thing. Anyway, I have some unfinished drafts that may yet grow out into finished posts for this blog, which would be nice, if anyone was reading them.

200th Post

In other news, as a direct result of the transfer of posts, this has become my 200th post on this blog. Hooray.

– Uber

Ubereview: The Legend of Korra

Firstly, let me say that I absolutely loved Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is and will most likely remain one of my favourite animated series ever made and it holds a spot alongside Batman: The Animated Series, The Venture Bros, Futurama and FullMetal Alchemist in my ‘most enjoyed’ pick of animation. Avatar blended Japanese anime with western cartoon almost perfectly. It gets full marks, 10/10, all of my beard!

That did leave The Legend of Korra in a difficult spot with some pretty big boots to fill. I was desperate for more Avatar when I first heard about the new series going into production and everything I saw about it looked promising: I liked the style, the setting and the new characters.

An image from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Characters changing and maturing in a kids cartoon?!

It’s not a good indicator then, that even though it aired and finished last year and I was on top of it as soon as it was available to me (sorry, Nickolodeon, but I will be buying it on DVD) it was only two days ago that I finally got round to watching through past the first 3 episodes; let’s just say I wasn’t as engaged with the latest series as I was with the original.

We could really leave it there, but that would be a very short article and it would kind of defeat the point of me writing anything at all about it… So, you are to be warned, thar be spoilers ahead!

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Oh My Goodness, Dinosaurs!

Recently, I have been producing more video game related content for YouTube, including Let’s Plays and mission camera work from the game ArmA. Something I thought I’d share here, however, is a digestion of the game Dino D-Day in succinct form, because I’m pleased with the intro and it’s kind of a video-lite.


A Memory In Pink

A pair of boots.

These are my boots. Not that I wear them per se, merely that I own them, or used to, right up until this moment. You see, there is a story behind these boots, and if I take the boots out of the way I can read the story. I think it’s a pretty stupid idea to put a story behind a pair of boots anyway, stories should be written down, not stored in a box under my bed behind some pink boots.

That’s why I’m writing it here. The story, that is.

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Who Are They Looking At?

So today while pissing around my friends drew portraits of me, under timed conditions and at my behest. Joe took the first stab:

A geeky looking, round headed version of me.

James Crawford, by Joe

As you can see, I am a round headed, bearded geek who is saying an unrecognisable slang word, tech!

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The Toy He Once Loved

A cat toy.

This is an item that may be quite odd to see without context but trust me, even with the context it’s ownership by me is still nonsensical. So, please continue reading if you like nonsense.

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Ubereview: The Cave

Would you like to know a secret? A secret that has haunted my gaming pedigree for years, leaving me in fear that it might be discovered during game-related conversation and I might be ostracized by my peers as a result. A fear so pronounced despite how ridiculously tame it is I’d murder to keep it under wraps. It is the secret of Monkey Island.

What's the secret?

That’s it! That’s my secret! The Secret of Monkey Island. It’s a game, silly, and it’s one I haven’t played, I know nothing about it! I haven’t played it’s numerous sequels, either, and that’s just shameful.

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Natalie Blocksham was in Medicine Dr Quinn.

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